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Part Two: Women in the Newsroom

Febuary 6, 2007

Lisa Foronda and Collen Sullivan have never met, but the two women have something in common--they were news anchors until December 2006.

INNCD Investigators found Foronda anchored at KHOU-TV in Houston and Sullivan anchored at WDTN in Dayton. And they are not the only women that left newsrooms in recent years. Inside the news team pages that thougght were following the new trend according to the Washington Post July 23, 2006 article "Men, Signing Off," were doing the exactly the complete opposite, making KHOU the worst we found when it comes to equal rights in newsrooms.

Former WXIN personality Sara Snow spoke to INNCD on September 17, 2005 (see post in Archives):

I appreciate your concern and certainly understand where it is coming from. However, I would like to assure you that my departure will not in any way lessen the product... the dynamic, informative morning newscast you watch each morning.

I thank you for choosing to watch us over the past six years, whether that be for weather, news or local information.  And I promise that you will continue to get reliable weather, news and local information each and every morning.
And, as the cherry on top, my good friends will still be here to bring that to you.

So 15 months after Snow's departure why did INNCD find two men anchor the same newscast? We reported the finding to WXIN news director and he says,

" I don't know if I understand why you would be offended by two men anchoring a newscast. Do you feel the same when only one man is anchoring a newscast? And why would two women be acceptable to you and not two men? Also I don't know what you mean by 'Today's newscast society'."

Veiwers went scrambling for other options for relief after INNCD pulled WXIN/WTTV multimedia on this site following WXIN's news director and INNCD were unable to reach a consecnsus on this issue.

However, it does occur at five Indiana stations. INNCD Investigates took information from WXIN and WISH-TV Indianapolis, as well as WXIX Cincinnati, WTVW Evansville, and WTWO Terre Haute.

Inside WXIN Indianapolis, we found after Snow's departure, their morning newscast has gone down-hill according to Devon Jones. According to Jones, the station seis behind the times of NBC 13 (WTHR), WISH-TV, and WRTV. He says that WXIN should be sold to Fox Television stations, making WXIN a Fox-owned station, while WTTV, WXIN's sister station, can be sold to Dispatch Broadcasting, which owns NBC 13 WTHR. Many viewers in the Indianapolis market say that WTTV''s acquisition by Tribune was a fatal mistake.

A visitor who posted a comment on The Washington Post July 2006 Article "Men Signing Off" said: "I can't belive that everyone would be talking about this."

When the WXIN news director went back to INNCD, he said, "First of all, it is illegal to dig dirt on my newscatss and I will call the f***ing cops on you. I don't care if you are from the news or trying to promote equal rights."

Actually, it's not illegal in Indiana--in fact, that's why there are male/female anchor pairs because media ginats say that it is the industry standard according to the Radio Television News Directors Association.

But most of the stations we found have female-female anchor pairs, which is apparently the new standard in news anchoring.

Dont tell that to to a viewers that we will call "Shannon." She tells us "if they never employed a female for the anchor/co-anchor job, then you  raise a damn good point." 

Following our investigation, INNCD viewers say that they are now paying attention to what station they watch for news. They say it is time the stations start talkling equal rights and make sure more women are employed in newsrooms and get more women interested in broadcast journalism.

To find out how your station did inour test, click here for a complete list. It contains information about all 97 stations we visited, what we found at each one, and how well these stations follow equal rights poloicies.
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Lisa Foronda (from Houston Chronicle)

Colleen Sullivan (right), (from Dayton Daily News)

Sara Snow (formerly of WXIN)

WXIN News Director

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